The Standing Ovation I Will Treasure for a Lifetime

For the last five days I have been basking in the joy of a moment experienced. I have written several blogposts about how the practice of mindfulness and gratitude can transform your life. It’s nice when I can share a personal example which might inspire you to dream and visualize despite your circumstances. First though, the experience and then its significance. And for those smart alecks reading who are asking yourself whether reliving this moment has caused me to lose five days of other present moments, the answer is ‘no’. It has enhanced them all.

JoyFriday night was the opening of the comedy play ‘Becky’s New Car’ by Steven Dietz at The Mariemont Players where I portrayed the role of Becky. We received a standing ovation from a sold-out crowd. I can still hear the applause over the curtain call music of the Beatles singing ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’. I can picture the smiling faces in the audience, and feel the warm stage lights. I had imagined this moment in my mind for over two months and it is exceptionally precious because it almost didn’t happen.

Those who have read my previous blogpost know that I was absolutely shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer only six weeks after landing this role. I found out I would need to receive chemotherapy for the beginning of my cure which would run consecutively with rehearsals and performances of this show. It seemed the only fair thing to do was to give up the role for the sake of all involved. My director, however, received the news with an air of openness and possibility. He quickly developed an understudy plan which would keep me in the show if, that is, my health would allow it.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”  ~Robin S. Sharma

That’s when I became determined to make it happen and the prayer and visualizing began in full force. I sat in chemotherapy sessions with my script studying scenes. I dragged the IV pole around reciting lines in front of nurses. I imagined myself over and over standing strong on that stage and giving the performance of a lifetime. This got me through so many scary, tentative, and sick moments in between when doubt would start to show its ugly face. I should also add that I am visualizing this tumor shrinking and gone in full faith I will be cured. But, I see the role in this play as a gift from God to soften the blow of what I am having to endure. It became hope in the wake of a misfortune. It allowed me to remain an actress over a cancer patient. I was intent to succeed not only for me, but for all those in the show depending on me and the plan. And let me say, that my castmates and crew are fabulous. We together earned the crowd’s great response all weekend and I could not be more proud or grateful. And we will do it for the remaining two weeks of performances.

Every amazing thing ever accomplished started in the mind of someone. Bring your dreams to life with unwavering belief and faith. Trust the power of God and the universe he gave us to fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Becky Walter

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