One Week Stand Without Remorse

traci6 lo res

I fled snowy Cincinnati for my lover two thousand miles away at a pace still faster than the laziest cheetah. Slowed only by the annoying airline connections characteristic of the budget traveler I have become, I cursed every barrier between us while distracting myself with imagined visions of our reunion. We would have only seven days together, but I would relish every precious second. The plane landed in Phoenix at night forcing me to wait (a few hours less thanks to the time change) until morning to see him.

I couldn’t dress fast enough the next day in my recently neglected shorts and tank knowing that he was waiting just outside my door. Would it feel as good as I remembered? With a shiver of anticipation I stepped out to greet my lover, the Sun, who did not disappoint. He bathed my body from head to toe in a luscious, familiar warmth which filled my being with the nostalgia of previous rendezvouses – a houseboat on the lake, a riverboat in New Orleans, a beach in the Bahamas, and a terrace in Greece were just a few flashing through my mind at warp speed.blazing_hot_sun_0515-0909-2912-5042_SMU

Tears of joy sprung instantly to my eyes and the cold months of our separation fell away. It only mattered that we were together in this moment. He was more attractive than when I last saw him in Cincinnati. Here he shined big and beautiful amongst white wisps of cloud and vivid blue sky framed by mountains. I closed my eyes to shut out the tears and to better feel his hot kisses covering my pale limbs. What a hottie, my lover the sun! I was ready to give myself quickly and wholly to him without reservation, but I pledged restraint. I must go slowly and I should use protection. He means no harm with his strong rays and can’t help himself.

I have fond memories of several other long distance relationships in my life. They offer love with a different flavor which is sweet to savor. Unlike an everyday relationship, there is a longing during absences, a sweet building of anticipation in the travel planning, and an exhilarating thrill at reuniting before the sad goodbye. We all know what that famous English dude said about parting. Then the cycle wonderfully repeats itself. Long distance lovers appreciate and celebrate all that they love about one another when together. It likens relationship to a vacation, an experience untainted by the boring details and restrictive routines of regular life. Such couplings are usually a challenge to sustain and more fantasy than reality. Every time mine ended, I need only wait. Like a boomerang each man came back to me. And, I let them for a while. After all, neither party wants to let go of a fantasy though the love inevitably dies.

Tomorrow I will bid adieu to the sun and go home to a foot of snow. Unlike other lovers, the sun will always return to me. As long as I live in the Midwest, we will maintain that thrill ride relationship of which I will never tire. I will dutifully mourn his absence, daydream of his return, never take him for granted, and welcome him back with my mind, body and soul each and every time. Ah, nature erotica.



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