“Rome wasn’t built yesterday”, “You have an eight track mind”, and other popular sayings.


For as long as I can remember, my beautiful, intelligent and always optimistic mother has had an adage at hand to cheer and guide me through life.  The problem is that they seldom come out right and often require some translation.  My sister and I will smile at what we affectionately refer to as Mom-isms.  Just the other day I was lamenting about money I had spent on several things needing repair to which she replied, “Forget about it.  It’s water over the bridge.”  Really?  Sigh.  Now I have a water problem, too?!  After suffering some teasing when I was a girl from some mean kids at school, she wisely informed me, “What goes up comes down.”  Sometimes she will know it is wrong as soon as the words leave her mouth and we will laugh together. I noticed several years ago that every once in a blue moon (Ha!  Take that!)  I would mess up a saying in conversation with friends.  Well, nobody is perfect.  When Mom brightly quips, “Well, you know what they say?” I move to the edge of my seat while my mind is screaming, ‘No.  What do they say?  Please tell me, because I’m just dying to know what it is that they say.’   It’s like she can read my thoughts because she’ll pause a moment, smiling and carefully considering her next words.  The following is from an e-mail exchange I had last week with a friend when we couldn’t find time in our schedules to get together for weeks. 

Me:  What is it they say?  Good things are worth waiting for. 

Him:  Close.  It’s actually ‘good things come to those who wait’. 

Crap!  The cat’s out of the bag.  Mmmm.   I just thought of something.  Curiosity killed the cat.  It’s raining cats and dogs.  She’s the cat’s meow, the cat’s pajamas.  It’s like herding cats.  Look what the cat dragged in.  I smell a cat (Oops, scratch that one). When the cat’s away the mice will play.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat.  For the love of God…….someone stop me!  What is this freaking fascination with cats in our culture?!  (Deep breath)  Oh, sorry.  I digress.   As the Mom-isms flow more frequently from my mouth I’ve concluded that the pear doesn’t fall too far from the tree branch.   But you know what?  I wouldn’t trade my mother’s advice for all the money in the world (Well, yes I would.  That would be stupid to turn down all the money in the world).   I guess what I’m saying is that her sentiments and the pleasure they bring us get the point across, make us laugh and we forget about our problems.  Wait a minute…… Maybe she knew that all along.  Anyway, whatever your disappointments, challenges, mistakes or failures, don’t ever lose hope because she wants you to know that “where there’s a will, you can do it!”

About tracitalks

Actress, writer and therapist who believes in the law of attraction, breaking thought barriers and living your dreams. Into traveling, prayer, and inspiring others. Learn more at www.tracitalks.com
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